The Hands Of The Wrong People are a Berlin based 3 piece band with members originating from Belgium, Germany and Scotland. From the mid to late 2000’s they established a repertoire which combined well-crafted, indie pop tunes with intricate post-rock like instrumentation and recorded 2 self-released EPs (2005) and a full length CD, ‘Spring Flakes’ (2008), on the Portland, Maine, USA based independent label Peapod Recordings. Their most recent release, ‘Proportions’ (Peapod Recordings, 2011), finds The Hands expanding on their previously stripped down acoustic tones and employing orchestrated trumpet and saxophone flourishes alongside some more rough and edgy guitar, bass and drum work. The mood and character varies from the upbeat choppy rhythms of ‘You’re Not Singing Anymore’ and the distorted pop of ‘Jaws of Victory’ to the tender, atmospherics of ‘Slack’.

‘Proportions’ features Robert Wiesner on drums and guest appearances by Casey Holford, Stanley Brinks and Tom Arthurs. Cover art is by the Berlin-based artist Benjamin de Búrca. It is available on CD and as a download from our Bandcamp page.

In the late summer of 2012, the band recorded 11 new songs at One Pro Studios in Berlin which are currently being mixed and mastered for a new full length CD to be released in 2013.


Pius Fox – Bass
Dominic Hislop – Guitar and vocals
Jo Wetzels – Drums

Some Quotes:

“Songs draw from such seemingly disparate genres such as Scottish post-punk pop, and US, Chicago style post-rock. Imagine the jazz-influenced rock of Karate mixed with the pseudo-Chic Postcard label funk of Orange Juice with its clean pop jangle and you begin to get a sense of the sound of The Hands Of The Wrong People. The lyrics address relationships & politics in the same breath, becoming a subtle form of protest music performed on the deceptively traditional lineup of guitar, bass & drums.” – Idea of North

“The second full-length album from Berlin-based The Hands Of The Wrong People is a catchy affair … a band with considerable talent in both writing and performance and the individual identity to stand out … their intricate post-rock songs soon begin to stick in the memory, making repeat listenings to this album a rewarding experience” – FreshAir Radio

“Their sensitive, atmospheric guitar rock owes much to a Scottish indie-pop tradition, but tense, hesitant rhythmic shifts and glints of ’80s post-punk trebly sheen create a distinctive mood based around a limited palette of sounds – intricate guitar lines, irritable basslines and direct, affecting vocals.” – The Skinny

“The Hands Of The Wrong People wissen, worauf es beim Songwriting ankommt: Unaufdringlichkeit. Unaudringlichkeit ist eine Tugend, die im Musikbiz leider nicht so häufig anzutreffen ist. Da gilt es laut und polternd zu sein, damit man auch ja von allen gehört wird. The Hands of the Wrong People haben das nicht nötig. Sie fahren ganz gut ohne Egoschiene. Ein Fakt, der ihrem neuen Silberling eine hohe Halbwertszeit beschert. Auf “Proportions” gibts keine Bretter. Kein Geknüppel, keine pathetischen Gesten. Alles wirkt echt. Auch mal schön. Hatten wir schon lange nicht mehr. Und genau deshalb ist “Proportions” auch so unheimlich gut.” – Janussblog